WWJD – What Would Jackie Do?

July 3rd, 2009

We went out Friday night in Hong Kong and were up late into the 4th of July Saturday. We had a couple of friends showing us around the bars of Lan Kwai Fong, then a club called Privée, and another called Beijing. The last two were extremely crowded even though it was almost four in the morning.


Anyway, the highlight of the evening was that I got into a fight with a group of guys in the club called Beijing. Basically they started pointing fingers and yelling, then one guy tried to kick me, then the rest jumped in. They didn’t make a coordinated effort, instead they sort of presented themselves one at a time and tried to hit or kick me. This was lucky for me because with the strobe light on and the music going, it was very hard for me to tell which of the people in the crowd were part of the group trying to get me. Chris was there but didn’t see what was happening, so couldn’t help.

I ended up with a bruised forearm (from blocking a kick to the head!), and a bruised shin (one guy kicked me in the shin when the strobe light went out), but I didn’t get hurt otherwise, even though there were four of them, and I didn’t have to hurt anyone badly. My kung fu was stronger than their kung fu, and I was a lot bigger.

The management came finally, threw those guys out after some discussion, and bought us champagne. I asked if this sort of thing happens regularly, and they said, “Some locals just don’t like gweilo.”

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  1. CBRAVO Says:

    Hello bob!
    I’m going to beijing for a whole year thanks to a scholarship I won some time ago, and I’m really concerned about racism out there. Have you had any other experiences like this? May I learn some kung-fu?
    Also, I’m not white, are chinese people more aggresive against non white people? (I’m latino).
    Btw, nice blog!, adding you to my rss.

  2. robert Says:

    Hi, there,

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time and make a lot of friends. I had no trouble in Shanghai or Beijing, and people in general were very kind. Bars at 4:00a can be troublesome in any part of the world — I expect you’ll wrestle more with the language than the locals.

    Have fun in Beijing,

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